Green herb rant.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: FTP Site???
From: Michael Moore <>
Date: 12 Jan 1995 09:04:54 GMT

>Is there an FTP site containing info in herbs?

The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine has a site that can be reached by Anonymous FTP, Gopher and WEB. I maintain all the teaching manuals we use on the site, including a Materia Medica, Clinical Repertory, Herbal-Medical Glossary, a manual of Specific Indications and (as of today) about 90 JPEGS of medicinal plants, primarily from western North America; some were taken during field trips, some were meant for my last book but not used. Another 160 are due back from .PCD scanning and those will be added to the site...PhotoShop is LABORIOUS. The intent of the site is to offer sensible information and protocols for Green Herbalists...folks with both brains AND strong backs, who prefer to use botanical medicines that they can find, gather morally, prepare into medicines that make the greatest use of the least plant life, and use with some understanding of the herb, its physiologic and constitutional effects, and have some reliable information about dosage, frequency, contraindications and synergies.

What we are trying to do is make sure that, with this overwhelming flood of "Little Drug" marketing that seems to have the herb trade by its short hairs this decade, there are places to find out about using Milk Thistle Seeds, not a repackaged European Phytopharmaceutical preparation of silymarins...places that might offer alternatives to the blind and thoughtless marketing of herbs, like Golden Seal, ONLY because of the Recognition Factor, while ignoring the perilous state of the PLANT (growing in the ground, not delivered in drums by UPS), cruelly overharvested, usually illegally, from the remnant pockets still found in public lands in the hardwood forests of the east. (I guess I'm soapboxing again...sorry)

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