Red clover and cancer.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Red Clover Tea
From: "Lindsay F. P. Bennett" <lbennett.Direct.CA>
Date: 15 May 1995 02:17:04 GMT

Any info on this stuff as a palliative for cancer? My father-in -law seems to be doing well on this, especially in the areas of pain relief and general well-being.

From: (la madrugadora)

The standard use for red clover tea is an a blood purifier, so I'm not surprised your in-law is doing well.


Right. The term "blood purifier" is pretty vague, but generally indicates an increase in the immune response as well as, often, an anti-mutagenic effect. The blossoms are the most medicinally potent part of the plant. Fresh violet leaves (eaten) are alleged to have the same kind of effect, if that is any interest to you.