Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
From: (Callie)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 18:47:29 GMT

Cathy LeFevre <> wrote:
>Does anybody know of a herbal pallative or (dare I hope) a cure for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? I know of someone that has it and he uses his hands a lot in his work. He can't afford to be out of work for up to six weeks, which is the recommended recovery time after surgery.

Cathy -
Once the tendons and nerves are inflamed, the best things are: REST!!!! (you can't overwork your body and expect something to allow you to continue to do it - herbs or not)
If he continues to aggravate the tissues, he risks permanent nerve damage. Then nothing - surgery or drugs - will help.
ICE PACKS and warm packs - whichever works better.
Anti-inflammatory things ... I use an oil of wintergreen OTC creme and occasionally capsicain linaments and ordinary aspirin.
Vitamin B6 supplements help a bit, but resting the joints is critical


Cathy LeFevre <> writes:
>Does anybody know of a herbal pallative or (dare I hope) a cure for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

though i've not seen anything for a CURE for carpal tunnel syndrome, i've begun to feel that telltale tingling in my fingertips, along with some pain in my wrist/arm/hand. i immediately began poring through our books on home remedies, medical treatment, herbal medicine and the like. what i found out was that the BEST defense against carpal tunnel is good circulation through the hands. exercise, good diet, etc are very beneficial in keeping this nasty condition away. hand exercises (rolling the wrists, hand weights and the like) are good.

also, i saw the results of a study showing that a large percentage (90-95%) of carpal tunnel sufferers have low B vitamin levels in their blood, particularly B6.

one more note. carpal tunnel has been shown to be directly related to the force with which you hit the keys. touch them lightly and you are not as likely to get carpal tunnel. hit them hard (like i do) and you'll get it.

my results? almost immediately after starting to take B complex vitamins (natural, of course), i've noticed a marked decrease in the tingling and pain. coupled with hand exercises and lessenned force on the keys, i've ALMOST forgotten about the whole thing. this noticeable change happenned within days and has continued for three weeks now. i will, however, spend the rest of my life trying to keep it away.