Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
From: (Michael Moore)
Date: 13 Nov 1995 17:27:09 GMT
Subject: Re: Help: romero and reuda????????????

> My wife has asked for help identifying these two herbs which she only knows the names of in Spanish:
> romero: used to make a bathing solution for swelling
> reuda: used to heal the spirit - she says Jesus sprinkled people with this.

Romero is simply Rosemary (a member of the mint family...the seasoning herb)

"reuda" would be Ruda, or Rue (Ruta graveolens)

Both plants are commonly found in any moderate-sized nursery that has an herb section. Just be careful ... under some conditions (Austin would be such a place) Rue can spread gloriously but it has a strong, somewhat pleasant, but finely overbearingly pernicious scent ... and it can form large stands in only several years. In the hot and humid (formerly dry) summer of the Hill Country, a large patch of Rue can stupify a small mammal at twenty feet, and neighbors may think that a huge pile of vanilla and lime-peels is rotting in your yard