Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 10:18:24 +0000
Sender: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants discussion list <HERB.TREARN.BITNET>
From: Jonathan Treasure <jtreasure.JONNO.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Skullcap

>I have some aquaintaces who 'recreationaly' use strong skullcap tea.
>Are there any dangers in this practice?
>They report quite a pronounced euphoria.

Some spp of Scutellaria are very strong - especially the smaller desert ones found eg in Nevada. These can be and are often be smoked for a relaxing action, which gives a stronger and faster effect than infusion. Better mixed with other herbs tho.

*Euphoric* would possibly be an overstatement - but the real point is that like any drug - it will be interacting with the indivdual's constitution, and depending on their constitutional nature chronic use will start to change the balance of their energetics - possibly in an undesirable way. Scutellaria depresses cardiovascular, sympathetic and parasympathetic activity - hence its generally relaxing aspect in individuals stressed that way. Perhaps your friends could figure out themselves what long term use/abuse may do - but a smoke every once in a while is unlikely to be any problem. Better than cigarettes and alcohol any day.