Milk thistle.

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Subject: Re: Information on Silymarin
From: (Jonathan Treasure)
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 1995 19:44:27 +0000 (BooniesDON) wrote:
> I've be diagnosed with the rare Hepatitis C. So far conventional medical treatments have produced no lasting results. I have been told that Silymarin aka Milk Weed Extract/Milk Thistle produces benificial results to the liver. Would anyone know where I could find more information on this herb? So far the herb books I have browsed have nothing.

Try Herbal Medicine by R Weiss. Hobbs also has a monograph on Milk Thistle available a s a pamphlet. Basically it has been used for decades as a hepatoprotective and hepatorestorative.Rademacher in Germany was a famous physician whose name is still given to a silymarin formula. Do not worry about Medline - start using it now! It should not be necessary to say do not take an alcoholic extraction...recent usage has concentrated on standardised extracts around 75% Silymarin, of which you can take up to 200mgm per day with impunity. I would suggest consulting a trained herbalist to consider the whole picture..

good luck

Jonathan Treasure


Camilla sez
> but silymarin really does have some good science behind it
.etc etc big snip....

Good lord, some rats recovered so we have the CC seal of (conditional) approval......This really is irrelevant, as are the bulk of the medline citations as usual. Why oh why do you insist on regurgitating this stuff camilla - why don't you read it and summarise it with references IF you really think they are relevant to this group.Your Medline posts occupy 50K+ of which vast amounts is utterly useless. Try and do something original other than hogging bandwidth. Why not research herbal medical journals? Why not read a good book on herbal medicine? Your approach is obsessive to the point of neurosis.