Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Sinusitis/colds
From: (XX)
Date: 31 Jul 1995 21:57:46 GMT

MC <> wrote:
>Speaking of sinus problems and colds, a weird "cure" was one I found in High School. I was on the swim team, and after 1-2 hours of swimming laps your cold was GONE. Sometimes it took 2 days of swimming laps. Kinda gross, but worked for me. -M.

Actually, this doesn't seem weird at all to me, just weird that such cures are not commonplace and used by everyone. If you saw my postings about my problems with sinusitis, you will know why I say this. I found that putting plain saltwater (or alternatively adding a small amount of an anti-microbial agent to the water) in my nose and tipping my head forward quickly, forcing the water into my sinuses caused my sinuses to drain, and my chronic sinus infections to disappear.

So swimming and getting chlorine-containing water into one's sinuses would have the exact same effect. This simple cure really works, and quite dramaticallly. I recommend it to anyone who has sinus problems.

From: (Teara Staples)

> Do you or anyone else out there in the wonderful world of herbs, have a suggestion of the natural (herbal) way to treat sinus infections? Thanks for your help.

Since I don't have the upper sinuses I try to take care of what I have.

When my sinuses get infected I place a bit of cayenne and myrhh powder on my finger and snort it into my sinuses (be sure to do this one nostril at a time, holding the other closed.).

The cayenne burns for a moment or two, but it drains my sinuses very quickly while the myrhh fights the infection.

A friend had been on meds for a sinus infection for nearly 2 months when I suggested this. By using this method whenever her sinuses felt heavy, the infection was cleared right up!

From: (Scott G. Dickinson)

For a sinus rinse try Allergan contact lense rinse. Or any buffered pressurized contact lense rinse. I use it to clean out my sinuses in the mornings in dry dusty conditions. It is sterile, it is just the right mix of water and salt, it is very convenient to use, it is cheap, it is available anywhere, and heck, it works!

Odd, but I used to get a lot of colds when I was living in San Diego. I would get secondary sinus infections at least once a year there that required antibiotics. Since moving back to the SF Bay Area, I rarely get colds, and have yet to get a secondary infection after 2 years. Location may have something to do with it, as well as gas heaters and smog.