Sleep pillow.

Date: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 02:26:34 -0600
Sender: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants discussion list <HERB.TREARN.BITNET>
From: Pete Hanson <kidkaos.USLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: stress reducing/sleep enhancing suggestions

>A friend of mine is studying for a large state certification board exam.
>She is having problems sleeping at night due to her anxiety.
>She is looking for a holistic "something" to help her in 2 areas:
>1. peaceful sleep
>2. perhaps more importantly anything that might enhance energy level, memory retention, mental alertness.
>Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.

For sleep, a small dream pillow of the following, (must include 1/4 dried hops) chamomile, small amount (teaspoon) lavender, clover. What you're looking for is a way to 'tune down' the hops a bit. (they can be over powering!) Hops will help you relax and sleep. Place under you regular pillow. Ignore and go to sleep.

For studying, licorice tea. It will enhance energy levels, and make you alert. ( If you have high blood pressure don't use licorice tea.) Of course another way for more energy is to practice chi gum (qui quong) It is a combination meditation, breathing exercise. It helps you relax while becoming more aware of what is around you. I practice before tests and find that i am more relaxed and can focus on the test more easily. I study chi gum as part of my Tai Chi.

K. Hanson
a.k.a Kid Kaos