Tired after eating.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Fatigue/Sleepiness after Eating
From: "John L. Molt" <jmolt.connectus.com>
Date: 21 Oct 1995 19:59:35 GMT

> Like most people, I feel rather fatigued and tired after eating to the point that I can't do anything really substantial for a few hours. This occurs no matter how heavy or light a meal I consume (my blood sugar levels appear to be normal). Can anyone out there suggest some sort of remedy to these symptoms or the problem itself? Why is this happening?

You may be carbohydrate sensitive - try eating less than 40g of carbos a day for a few days, and see what happens. If this helps, there is a book called 'Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution' by Robert Atkins that may be of further help. Good luck!

From: Ocotillo.rtd.com (Pat)

> Like most people, I feel rather fatigued and tired after eating to the point

I had trouble with this too. I found that it was really allergy related. If I eat eggs, I'm out of it for a few hours. I also used a anti-candida diet which was very helpful. Now I stay away from all processes foods and eat the things that I have learned through elimination help to energize me. It was what I was eating at lunch that made me tired 20 minutes after lunch.

I also find that I am helped by some vitamins and herbs that cleaned out my sluggish system and liquid chlorophyll.

From: "Cissy Thorpe" <cthorpe.lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu>

>"Like most people, I feel rather fatigued and tired after eating to the point

I find that the more carbos I eat the worse the problem is. Sometimes it is so bad that I have to fight sleep at my desk in the afternoon.

If I eat high protien or even high fat and keep the carbs down it isn't a problem.....just a suggestion. Being on a weight loss dies isn't going to help, because they are almost always high in carbs. Sugar and caffiene don't help.

I'd like to know what others have experienced with different types of meals - especially at mid-day.

From: khb.gammara.Eng.Sun.COM (Keith Bierman)

> ... has been increasing in frequency in my life over the past year and the best I've been able to come up with is that I have extreme reactions to salt. I actually had an appointment with a western doctor this fall and she had no suggestion for me whatsoever, but if I eat some of my friend's popcorn at the movies I can't drive home for the sleepiness so I know something is going on. Please post any viable explanations you come across (besides "well, maybe you're to something" or "maybe you should eat smaller meals...")

There is a book "the carbohydrate addicts diet" (or words to that effect). It contains a theory, lots of example cases, a simple to self administer test, and a detailed diet. Available in Barnes and Noble.

The symptoms described in this thread seem to be consistent with what they describe in their clinical setting.

The diet, in a nutshell, involves virtually zero carbohydrates except for one meal which must last 60m or less (but you can eat whatever you like for those sixty minutes).

It is, of course, more complicated than that. I know people who claim it has changed their lives for the better. I haven't given it a rigorous twirl myself.