Stomach ulcers and herbs.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
From: (Cathy Moore)
Date: 04 Nov 1995 18:21:30 GMT
Subject: Re: stomach ulcer & herbs - mix?

> Should you lay off herbal combinations when you have ulcers? Or are there herbs that are helpful??

I don't have ulcers, but I *have* had gastritis, apparently caused by excess stomach acid (with stress as the ultimate cause!). I've found it prudent to avoid peppermint when my stomach is iffy--it will cause a stomachache. Probably any herb known as an appetite stimulant would be a bad idea.

On the other hand, carrot juice soothes my stomach, and I've read it can be used as an antacid.

Does anyone know of any herbs that reduce acid production or protect the stomach lining?

From: Liz Jones <>

I have heard, although not tried, (I have a cast-iron stomach-- at least for ulcers) that cabbage juice is very soothing to an ulcerated stomach and may help heal ulcers. I am sadly cite-less on this one, but you might check into it if you're sufficiently miserable.

From: (John E. Verin)

I make an improve tea made of chamomile, fenugreek and fennel, roughly 2:1:1. Does me well for mild upset stomach. I believe that as a regular drink it cleans the digestive system well.

From: (marsha)

> Cabbage is also good for stomach complaints specifically ulcer. May you get relief.

barley green is the best known [to me] of the healthful benefits to ulcers in making them go away and also protecting your stomache lining while aslo increasing your overall health!