Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Valerian
From: (Stefen Weiss)
Date: 6 Aug 1995 00:52:09 GMT

I have a couple of questions about valerian. They are:

1. I have a valerian/passion flower extract. It tastes horrible. Still, I am willing to use it as a calming combination. How long should I continue taking it before I should expect some results?

2. I also have a valerian compound by Solaray, called formula SR-14. Is this effective in lieu of the extract described above? If I use this what is the time bofore a calming sensation is noticed?

I have used the Solaray product before and have found enhanced sleep in about 2-3 days. The calming effect is subtle so I really do not know what to look for.

From: Chuck <>

I do not know of a time I have not used Valerian in combination with some other herbs for relaxation, easy sleep, etc. and I am well over the half century mark.

I have never used a prepared product! The valerian is very inexpensive as a tea. Most natural food store that carry bulk herbs will have it.

I often use valerian with sassafras and sometimes a touch of lobelia if my muscles are tight or stressed. Practical knowelegde and moderation will work nearly every time. As to the taste, well I just got used to it. Coffee taste bitter as hell the first time you drink it, but then look at all them there folks drinkin' it without sweetners.

From: (Torrey Peacock)

> I have a couple of questions about valerian. They are:

You should experience noticeable results within *minutes* of taking a good liquid extract of Valerian. The commercial products do vary quite a bit in quality and potency, so you may want to try another brand. Also, you may not be taking enough - the recommendations on the label are usually way too low. Try three or four droppersfull, and if you still don't notice an appreciable calming effect, try another brand. I don't know the Solaray product, but capsules of dried powdered root are not very effective. The standardized root *extracts* are obtainable in tablet and capsule form, and are an alternative to the liquid.

BTW, its *supposed* to taste horrible! :)