Valerian, kudzu for tremors.

Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 09:00:43 -0600
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From: bruce bammes <bruce.bammes.M.CC.UTAH.EDU>
Subject: Re: valerian - effect on GABA?

> I've read that valerian has a sedative effect and a very weak anticonvulsive effect.
> Could anyone explain how this is linked pharmacologically to its effect on reducing cerebral glucose metabolism, and stimulating GABA release/blocking GABA uptake?

I have found that valerian has a powerful anticonvulsive effect on the tremors caused by CFIDS. It is extremely helpful for the night shakes, and leg trembors. It is best if not taken regularly, but taken only when needed. The potency seems to be better. So I would not call it very weak.

I take a large capsule of ground root whenever symptoms are troublesome. The effect usually lasts beyond the "shakes", so a second dose is seldom needed. Your results may vary. I hope this helps.