Valeriana and Valium.

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 13:45:02 MST
From: Michael Moore <hrbmoore.RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: Herbal Remedies for A.D.D.

>Valerian is the parent of valium isn't it? I once took a half a 2.5gr valium tab, the smallest available. Made me ugly agitated. Not a sedative in my case! Not surprising as caffein puts me to sleep although with ugly twitches and I'm allergic to salt.

There is absolutely NO connection between Valerian and Valium...believe me...just an accident of circumstance...Valeriana is a classic Roman latin reference...Valium is an invented trade name...a copycat name from a pharmaceutical manufacturer to aid in making a conscious or unconscious connection with "Librium", a successful tranq whose market Valium was originally aimed at.

Valerian HAS had some anecdotal use for ADD...the only problem is that extended use of enough Valerian to have value has ALSO brought about emotional lability in some folks. Using herbs as drug substitutes has value, but with Valerian having SO many different physiologic effects (depressant for CNS, stimulant to gastric, pulmonary and cardiovascular functions) it is a botanical that is best used within a constitutional framework...i.e. evaluating the PERSON metabolically to find out if the profile of effects from Valerian is complementary OR antagonistic

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From: "R.M.K." <iss.RCI.RIPCO.COM>

|There is absolutely NO connection between Valerian and Valium...

yes... but, maybe.... When this argument last came up some time ago... I called the research line at Hoffman LaRoche. They confirmed the fact that there is NO chemical similarity between the two. They could *NOT* however, provide any insight as to the origin of the trademark name "Valium"... this was sorta the purpose of my call, as I can see the possibility of using this "VAL..." word when trying to name a pharmaceutical which has somewhat similar etiology as the botanical. I requested info about the origin of the trademark name, but never got a reply.

In this regard only, I could see a connection between the two... If anyone has info about HOW the *NAME* "Valium" was derived... I'd surely like to hear about it..??.


From: Colette Gardiner <coletteg.EFN.ORG>

Re the name valium and its realtion to the name librium.

For some wierd reason I actually remember reading an artcle in the newspaper on the new drug valium, There was a quote from the inventer basically saying he had been trying to invent something similar to Librium only better. He went on for a paragraph or so about comparing the various sensations and effects, and concluded that yes Valium was "nicer". Anyway thought I'd throw that in.

Colette Gardiner