Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 22:45:04 -0500
From: Global Provider Association <gpataa.ONRAMP.NET>
Subject: Re: verruca

>Has anyone had any success in the treatment of verruca (ingrown warts) by using medicinal or aromatic plant? I have previously used morton bay fig trees (an Australian tree).

Got them on the bottom of both feet while stationed in Guam and Austral. Tried herbs and freezing with no results. Found out from WW2 vets to use warm solution of Epsom salt in a towel, wrap around the wart, wrap towel in plastic bag and keep it warm and moist.

Do it for about 3 days and the wart is dead and will pull off, roots and all with your fingers. The skin will wrinkle like to long in a hot tub each time, and you will get a pulling sensation. Time each day (about 90 to 120 minutes), late show feet up time.

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