Walnut brandy.

Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 13:19:36 +0000
From: NielsDamgaard <nielsd.POWERTECH.NO>
Subject: Re: Tincture (How?)

> Is there anyone on this list that would know how to make a tincture of walnut?

Yes, in Denmark is a group of people (in all 1000!) in the Assiosation: EDB (Ekspermenterende danske braendevins Amasoerer = Experimenting danish brandy Amateurs) This Group has a Danish newsletter: "Bjesken" and have been dealing in the business of brandy the last 20 years....

The recipe for using walnut:

Take 12 green walnuts to a bottle (in Denmark around 5. august). You must be able easely to cut them with a knife. Cut them in small and drop them in vodka (40-45 %) (a bottle of vodka is usually about 0.5 liters or less. --Henriette)

Leave room in the glass for air (use a big glass) at shake the glass daily the first month. The liquid will turn black (looks like dirty water). Put the glass in a cool, dark place and forget it for half a year. Drain the mixture in a coffee-filter and store again the liquid for VERY long time in dark.

On happy day... when you can't resist to wait any more... (best after 5 years or more)... mix the concentrated liquid with vodka or another pure alcohol around 35-40 %. Normally my taste likes a mixture between 5 and 8 vodka to 1 part concentrate, but try yourself, what you like.

The final product should bee around 38% and some years productione is better the others... just like good old wine !

Med venlig hilsen
Niels Damgaard, Oslo