Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 12:22:22 -0700
From: William R Bassett <sac87261.SACLINK.CSUS.EDU>
Subject: Re: Info on ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

> Im doing research on Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD (ADHD). Ive been told that the only treatment is a drug called Ritalin. (Granted, ive only talked to a mechanical doctor) As a general policy for me, I like to veiw western pharmaceutical medicince as a last resort. Im interested in finding out of some "alternative" treatments as well as how diet plays on this. If you have any of this information on ADD (or on Ritalin) could you please pass it on?

Hi Sarah. ADD can be a really hot topic for many reasons, so be prepared. I was 'diagnosed' with ADD a couple of years ago. I found out that there are actually many different drugs used to treat the condition. As I learned more, I found that ADD is a title for a number of similar conditions which may or may not match the stereotype.

I did take a drug (Welbutrin) for a while, let me tell you the worst part about the drugs: At first I could not believe the relief that I felt and how much it helped. I felt like I could actually think to myself and I could study at great lengths. But after 3-4 months I began to notice that I was feeling detached from myself. I actually felt that my actions were not my own and that somehow I was no longer accountable!! I stopped taking the drug. I can easily see why people who are on those type of drugs for a while will actually do something harmful or even just become violent, it was scary.

Since then I have learned that overcoming certain behavior patterns and improving my diet are the best treatments. I can't blame the ADD for the way I am, I had to take control of my life.

Some people 'sell' Pycnogenol as the natural CURE for ADD. Don't believe it, I've taken lots of it. Although it helps with mental clarity, it is not an all encompassing cureall. Since everyone diagnosed ADD is different, their treatments should also be different. Start with cleansing, and finding food allergies. Improved nutrition is high on my list, and taking a little time each day to relax and think about what kind of person I am to others.

I have overcome most of the symptoms with these methods. Years of frustration that could have been avoided with a little nutritional help and guidance when I was younger. :-)

From: Shawn <ssc6927.OMEGA.UTA.EDU>

I realise that many people HAVE ADD...but in my daughter's case, when she was diagnosed with ADD, we found she had a food allergy. I had read an article about Ritalin and food allergies, etc. immediately before they (the school) told me about the ADD. We tested the basics, preservatives, eggs, wheat, dyes, and milk. It was the milk. A week after Amanda stopped drinking milk, she started sleeping, relaxing and functioning.

This is not to say that ADD doesn't exist, but to remind that sometimes curing the problem and not the symptom can be accomplished without medicine.