Appetite suppressants.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: Mary Elizabeth <>
Date: 11 Feb 1996 10:40:29 -05
Subject: Re: Appatite supresants?

> I've just started a regular workout regimine, and as other people have posted here, the exercise has made my metabolism speed up(thankfully!). Unfortunatly, this has the side-effect of making me ravenously hungry the next day. Since I'm trying to lose weight, and eating huge amounts of food would be _slightly_ counter to this goal, can anyone suggest a good appatite supressant(preferably tea)? mail or post responses

Don't take anything to suppress your appetite. This effect is quite temporary. I noticed it when I first took up aerobics, and I notice it recurring whenever I restart exercise after a lapse. The increased appetite is not going to last long enough to counteract the beneficial effects of the exercise, believe me! Just eat healthy foods when you're hungry (I notice I tend to crave high-protein foods at this stage). I'm being emphatic here because you really need to look at the big picture and say to yourself, "Hey, this regimen is making me a helathier person with more energy and muscle tone!" instead of "Oh, my God, I'm hungry so I'm going to gain back that 1.2 pounds I just lost!"

One of the best aerobic guides I have says to throw out your scales so you don't focus on the numbers. Also, don't expect overnight miracles. It always takes about 6 weeks for me to notice an improvement in the way my clothes fit, but then I notice a sudden dramatic improvement. Increased energy, however, I notice right from the start.