Athlete's foot.

Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 18:00:52 -0500
From: Karen Rhoda <Itype.AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: HELP athlete's foot

I am recently getting over a bout of athlete's foot. I applied tee trea oil straight to the affected areas twice daily. Wear cotton socks or no socks at all if possible. Also soak your feet in 2 Tbsp vinegar to 1 pint of water for 20 minutes 3 times daily. Avoid rubber soled shoes and shoes with synthetic uppers as this traps in moisture. The above worked really well for me.

Good luck to you.

From: Robert Seidel <RSYES.AOL.COM>

You might try applying oils of wintergreen (gaultheria) or sweet birch.


I cured a stubborn case of A/F several years ago after a friends suggestion of eating several garlic cloves daily. He had cured a case when over-the-counter meds proved ineffective. However, in reading up on the subject, I incorporated the use of a topical application of mushed cloves directly to the area between and around my toes in addition to the oral regimen. I let it stay on the area for quite awhile, regardless of the advice I'd read that mentioned "burning the skin". It did "feel" like that. I did two nights of topical Tx. Just a short time later [a couple days? - I can't remember specifically] I peeled off a blackish dead layer of crud. I suspect it was dead fungi growth. I peeled off more dead stuff later on, but found I was cured. If you use this approach, please inform me as to results. Good luck!

From: Patricia Harper <HarperP.AOL.COM>

> I can't personally attest but have heard good results from Lapacho also.

Lapacho, or Pau D'Arco has been extremely effective for treating athlete's foot and related fungal infections in my experience.

I have recommended Lapacho (a.k.a. Pau D'Arco) bark to 4 different clients with (2) athlete's foot, (2) nail fungus. I recommended soaking the affected skin for 15 minutes a day in a strong decoction (1oz herb to 1 pint water) for 10 days. ALL OF THEM reported their fungus conditions resolved or improved AFTER ONE USE. None of them continued treatment longer than 3 days. One of the nail fungus and one of the athlete's foot returned within a month--second application of Pau D'Arco decoction resolved the athlete's foot. The nail fungus case went back to wearing a bandaid and doing nothing.

These people ranged from latest-fad-followers, to never-heard of-herbs-before. Age range from 29 to 58, foot sufferers were 1 male, 1 female, both nail fungus cases (1 toe, 1 finger) were female.

From: "Robert L. Lamons" <rlamons.PEN..VA.US>

I pour on some vinegar when Ishut the shower off. I dont wipe my feet of but let them air dry. Vinegar got rid of athletes foot and nail fungus.

From: Karyn Siegel Maier <HerbalMuse.AOL.COM>

> Does anyone know of any herbal remedies for athlete's foot? I am looking for an herbal alternative to over-the-counter products that are both expensive and full of who-knows-what.

Foot Bath: 2 ½ cups warm water, ½ cup lemon juice or cider vinegar, 10 drops tea tree oil, 5 drops lavender. Soak once a day for 15-20 minutes. Follow with powder.

Foot Powder: In a blender combine ½ cup dry green clay (health food stores), ½ cup baking powder, ¼ cup sage leaves - ground, 10-15 drops tea tree oil. Blend well.

(Note: if you use too much tea tree oil you can get sensitive to it - and athlete's foot is easily helped with other remedies. My favorite antifungal herb (not EO) is thuja (or cypress). --Henriette)