Rooting basil.

Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 13:28:00 MDT
To: The Culinary Herbs & Spices List <HERBS.HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
From: Margaret Lauterbach <mlaute.MICRON.NET>
Subject: Re: trout with herbs

> And yes I am using basil, but am not in the south. I just cheated, bought a large plant early and started it inside. I've just pinched some of the ends off so far : )

I visited a friend's garden yesterday and noticed that in addition to the basil she had started from seeds, she had several sizeable plants. She explained she bought a bunch of basil at the grocery store, snipped off the tops for use, then put the rest in a glass of water. The topless twigs rooted, so she planted them. They didn't flicker an anther over having been transplanted. Hmmm.

From: Madelyn Johnson <MaddieJohn.MSN.COM>

I did the same thing -- rooting cuttings of basil from the store. Thai basil to be exact. I was looking everywhere for seeds or plants of this to use in Thai recipes and couldn't find it. In desperation, I decided to try rooting some from the Thai grocery and it rooted just fine. I have a nice bunch growing now in a huge pot. Yum!

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