Bee sting.

Date: Sun, 4 Aug 1996 22:05:33 -0800
From: Rosamond -Rusty- Taylor <rtaylor.SILVERLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: bee sting/headache

>First, I got a terrible bee sting almost 3 days ago. The bee was huge. Anyway, the day after it happened, it was swelling like crazy. I was a couple hours away from home, so my companion insisted that we stop at the after-hours care facility where we were. I couldn't argue. It hurts, it itches, and the swelling is amazing. We finally got in to see a doctor, and his first words were, "I'm impressed." He was making reference to the swelling - that should give you an idea of how big it was then.

Have you tried a fomentation of plantain or plantain ointment or even bruising fresh leaves and putting them on the sting area? Plantain has worked for me for many things... bee stings, stinging nettle and some rashes. Plantain is very common... look out in your lawn, if you don't spray with any poisons. Otherwise, go find a neighbors property or empty lot. You'll probably find plantain.

From: Terry AE King <terryk.JUNO.COM>

RE: Your bee sting. This is EXACTLY what happens to me when I get stung by a wasp! I bet you were stung some other time in your life. Perhaps when you were a baby. What I do at that stage is ice it frequently and I do use an antihistamine (dyphenhydromine). I know, I know this is not herbal but when you experience these symptoms you don't care! All you want is relief.

You could also use Traumeel on it. This is a homeopathic ointment containing Arnica montana as its main ingredient. Its excellent for body traumas.

Do watch for signs of infection. Redness, puss, fever etc... Then take the antibiotic-DON'T mess around septicemia and gangrene is are serious consequences of neglected infections. If you really insist on not taking the antibiotics Michael Tierra suggests Baptisia tinctoria for severe purulent infections with inflammation. Boil ½ ounce of dried root in 1 pint of water for ten minutes. Only take 1 Tablespoon every 3-4 hours. If there is nausea or sick feeling reduce dose accordingly.

I was stung last saturday and I tried something new that I am totally sold on! (I have nothing to do with this product). It is called "The Extractor." It is made by Sawyer and available were camping and outdoor equipment is sold. Its for snake and insect bites and stings. The way it works is you choose a cup size appropriate to injury. The cup fits over the bite or sting and applies suction as the plunger is pushed down thus pulling the venom out of the body. It must be used within the first 5 minutes after the bite or sting. IT WORKS!! Normally my whole limb would be swollen for a week or more with a hard lump in the area of the sting. There was only barely perceivable swelling afterwards. Yesterday the site of the sting itched intensely but this usually occurs anyway. Just a sign of healing I believe. The Extractor is the only Dr. approved first aid measure for snake bites. I plan to have one at home and carry one in the car. They cost between $10.00 and $15.00 depending on where you by it.