Subject: Conversation
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 1996 18:09:38 EST

But borage...(Borago officinalis)...known as the Herb of gladness and is a masculine gender. The planet is Jupiter and the powers are courage and psychic. Carry the fresh blossoms to strengthen you courage or place one in your buttonhole for protection when walking outdoors...I have not idea what protects you walking indoors. Borage tea induces psychic powers. People used to candy the flowers as a "sweet". Pliney raved about the pwers of borage to make men merry and well into medievil times it was used in wine as a popular remedy for meleancholy. Competitors in tournaments and jousts drank the tea for strenthening of spirit. A popular rhyme was "I, Borage, bring always courage." Early settlers brought it to North America from Europe. Easy to grow. BUT, current research indicates that if you take large amounts of it over a long period of time it may cause cancer. It freezes so easily in ice molds...I used it for the wedding receptions for both daughters and it was lovely (Looks good with roses and sage leaves in the ice ring)