Broken toe.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: "Cissy . Thorpe" <>
Date: 18 Jan 1996 08:07:38 -06
Subject: Re: Broken Toe

> Does anyone have any suggestions for a broken toe? The doctor said that there was nothing that could be done except to tape one toe to another. It has been a week and it is still swollen, bruised, etc. My mother untaped her toe. She is open for suggestions.
Please have her tape it back to the next toe. There is nothing that can be done, it takes time for the bone to heal and if it isn't kept as immobile as possible, it could heal wrong and that would make it necessary to have it RE-BROKEN to fix it. It was nearly a month before all the swelling and discoloration was gone from my broken toe. Asprin will help with the pain and swelling, if she can take it. Keep it elevated, that might help with the swelling, too. But do keep it taped, from what I hear, it is even worse the second time around.

From: Audrey Kelliher <>

I had a broken (little) toe a few years ago and had opportunity to try a very inexpensive remedy that a healer shared with me. Here it is: Chop very fine - 1 raw onion. Place chopped onion on saran or plastic wrap and wrap it around toe. (You may need to incorporate a couple of other toes in the wrap, but it will still work.) Do this at night and sleep with the "onion poltice" on the toe. After the initial wrap, I wrapped the entire foot in saran and then put a sock over it because I was afraid that the onion juice would leak out and leave its odor in my mattress. I couldn't believe the fast results I got with the remedy and have shared it with many who also can't believe their results - it's worth a try; you will suffer many months with the pain if you don't do something.