Cervical dysplasia.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: p_iannone.pop.com (Paul Iannone)
Date: 14 Jan 1996 06:28:29 GMT
Subject: Re: cervical dysplasia and herbs...any suggestions

: I just had my annual exam and discovered that I have cervical dysplasia. The nurse said that usually the abnormal cells revert back to normal on their own, but I would like to assist them as much as possible. I spent a little time yesterday browsing the herbal book section at the local coop and though I did find a little bit of info on cervical dysplasia, there were no suggestions (besides antioxidants as a preventive measure) on herbal suggestions as a remedy. I am curious about whether anyone has heard of anything that is good for this.

Cervical dysplasia can usually be well treated with East-Asian traditional healing methods. Usually, the cells are abnormal because of Heat. Such Heat is nearly always associated in the U.S. with drugs, alcohol, or coffee. Just abstaining entirely from coffee will often clear the problem up, though a health consultation with a local acupuncturist or other E.A. traditional healer is appropriate.