Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 21:39:49 -0600
From: Tami Karnes <nature.SEDONA.NET>
Subject: Re: High Cholesterol

> My question concerns High Cholesterol. I am 38 years old, just had my yearly exam, and was shocked to find my Ldl at 198, Hdl at 60, and a total reading at 278.
> I won't go into the details of my diet, but will say that I have always watched it very carefully. But these results threw me for a loop, as my Mother just recently (2 weeks ago) had triple bypass surgery. Could stress be related to these high levels?
> Does anyone have any suggestions on specific herbs that would help in my fight to get the cholesterol down to a safer level? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Janet!

Over the years, I have never found anything to be quite as effective as Garlic for High Cholesterol. It can be purchased in any health food store - they even have "odorless" garlic pills these days. An example of garlic use is that my Step-Dad had a cholesterol level of 260+, started on garlic, changing nothing else, went back 30 days later and his levels had dropped over 30 points.



Garlic. I'd read that it would work and used it for other purposes.

I had myself tested - reluctantly, several years ago and found my levels were high also. My family physician gave me diet info and a schedule to get retested. I hate #!.!-.#* diets. I will eat what I want, when I want it, and as much as I decide to eat!! I threw out the _______ diet. I'm not a good patient.

I went on a regime that was sporadic, at best, but tried to consume several raw cloves per day. In less than a month of this I got retested, my dietary habits intact. The results were considerably lower, and my physician was content. Both he and my wife got off my case.

However, I've subsequently read that cholesterol will return to their elevated levels after discontinuing their use. It sounded like we should live continually with it's use. I do, but with more infrequency and less dedication.

Also note that raw garlic has a potency that can't be touched with "processed" products. I've read that also, and believe it. Anyone able to verify that for me. I've lost the reference.