Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: (SMills1138)
Date: 21 Jan 1996 17:06:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Herbal Cockroach Cures-- Last Call

David George Gordon wrote:
> I'm almost done with the manuscript for my book, The Compleat Cockroach, but would like to include more information on "natural" cockroach controls. Anyone have info they'd like to share on herbal treatments? Direct experience with osage orange? Essential oils?

This, from the _Cracker Barrel Cookbook_, 1957 -- they used old-timey herbal remedies as novelty filler around their recipes.

"TO EXTERMINATE COCKROACHES -- Poke root, boiled in water and mixed with a good quantity of molasses, set about the kitchen, the pantry, etc. in large deep plates, will kill roaches in grerat numbers, and finally rid the house of them."

(Poke root is also extremely poisonous to humans and pets, etc.)

My best cockroach repellent has been osage oranges (also extremely poisonous) tossed into the backs of cupboards and behind appliances. They offgas something cockroaches seem to hate.

From: (Debra Russell)

>but would like to include more information on "natural" cockroach controls.

I use my cats. They take care of roaches, rodents, lizards, and they especially like crickets. See cricket jump, see cricket fly when kitty bats him with her paw!!!

From: Funky Shoes <>

It's not an herb but boric acid kills them off quite well. I put it along the edge of cabinets (on the floor) of my kitchen and bathroom. Takes a while (couple of months) to take out the whole nest.