Toe trauma and comfrey.

Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 08:59:46 -0400
Subject: Re: A Vote of Confidence for Compfrey

I decided to delurk for a moment and share with you my "comfrey experience." Yesterday at work, in an amazing display of grace and agility, I fell up the steps in my building and really mangled the large toe on my left foot. By 11 pm last night it was black and purple and swollen twice it's normal size and needless to say, very painful. I have a huge comfrey plant in my herb garden and had a daughter go out and gather some fresh leaves. I bruised one and wrapped it around my toe and put a sock on. By this morning the swelling had gone done enough to allow me to put on a shoe and it also took away a great deal of the bruising. I am still wrapping it in comfrey for a few days. I know that I would not be at work today if it were not for this wonderful plant.