Ear ache.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Alternatives to drugs for ear infections
From: elizper.aol.com (ElizPer)
Date: 2 Mar 1996 20:17:03 -0500

For swimmers ear type of infections, sometimes peroxide works well to prevent/treat. If the infection is fungal, try a mix of 50% water 50% vinegar. For just regular, especially children's infections, oral echinacea and an ear oil of mullien blossoms, garlic and calendula work quite well.

A friend swears by using onion. She takes an onion half and leaves it together. Saute's in olive oil (another uses a micowave...?) When the onion is soft, allow to cool so doesn't burn skin, then apply to ear. Cover with a towel to keep warm. Treat both ears. My friend has 7 children, and this is what she says works the best. May be worth a try....


From: stuart.intex.net (Stuart Johnson)

> Some time ago I thought someone posted a remedy for earaches. Would someone be so kind to forward that to me or tell me what I might do for an earache.

I have suffered from earaches off and on for sometime. One thing a doctor recommended that works well for me is to use drops daily after showering. It is a fifty fifty mixture of alcohol and white vinegar.

The way he explained it was the alcohol dries the ear canal and the vinegar changes the ph which prevents infection. I think it works the same way as drops for swimmers ear.

From: sjones666.aol.com (SJones666)

One of my close friends told me about making an Oil Infusion with the Oil of your choice ( I used Canola) 1 cup, 2 cups of Mullein, some Red Clover and a wee bit of Orris . Tie up in a Cheese Cloth bundle. Heat the oil in the microwave, and put in the bundle until the infusion smells right. A couple of times I put the oil with the bundle in the microwave and reheated the oil. I now have the oil, and will use it when I have another ear ache. According to my friend, it should be warm when you drop a drop into the ear.

From: geeston.mail.erols.com (khadijah)

Warm drops of Sweet almond oil in the ear, put cotton in to protect from the air for awhile...always worked for me as a child and for my daughter now.