Ecballium for sinusitis.

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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 11:13:35 UTC
Subject: something for sinusitis

something for sinusitis...

Yes, folklorically Ecaballium elaterium friut juice (it has a juice in the fruit, and squirting action is due to this juice) is used for sinusitis by a single drop into your nose...

My M.D. friends usually ask me to get it, they use also... but since it is not proved scientifically, neither of our friends can advise it to the patients.. Since it is rich of triterpenoids it is toxic in high doses and be problematic.. but by a single dose/drop it is quite usefull and cures sinusitis (again, it is NOT investigated enough scientifically so scientifically it is NOT advised yet...) all the above opinions are of my own and + folkloric experience ...

It has been shown to have antiinflammatory action also..(Phytotherapy Research, 1988?/1989? Yesilada E et al)

Dose: a drop/daily (but the interval between first two drops is 1 hour since protein binding of the chemicals in the juice) into nostrils - one drop into left, one drop into right in one dose: totally two drops in one dose -