Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: Deb Skinner <deb.mtjeff.com>
Date: 14 Feb 1996 08:12:48 GMT
Subject: Re: anyone know-Elixir instructions?

>Can anyone give me specific instructions about how to make an elixir? I have instructions on how to make tinctures, essences, and decoctions but can't seem to find anything about elixirs.
>>I need to know ingrediants (other than the herb I'd use) and ratios of ingrediants. I'm trying to make an herbal elixir.


1 quart water--boil, then add
12 oz. honey--return to boil, skim foam, then add herb [which has been chopped, or ground]
There should be about 2" of liquid over the herb.
Cover & simmer 15 min.
Strain & cool
Add 16 oz. vodka, brandy, or 40% Clear Springs

The Herbalist I study with often makes the above elixir for a herbal company to use in their childrens medicines. We made it with fennel last fall as a base for cough syrup.