Garlic uses.

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Subject: RE: Garlic and Asthma
From: (ElizPer)
Date: 8 Mar 1996 21:49:24 -0500

Whole or Scored Garlic both seem to go right through the digestive system, without having much beneficial effect. So, we mince ours, then put it onto a spoon and take it like a pill, downing it with water, without chewing the garlic. My children will even take it this way when they are ill enough! :-) It helps our asthma, also. Nettles and mullein both seem to help prevent/treat it, too, during "trigger" seasons.

From: Alex Jovanovic <>

>Whole or Scored Garlic both seem to go right through the digestive system,

Yeap, and you can steep garlic in little cider vinigar for a minute. It works better and even takes 'sting' out of garlic (not all). My wife will take it this way when she's ill enough! :-)

From: (Soaplady)

for antibiotic/antiviral
Garlic has two major components. garlic needs to be chopped or crushed or put through a garlic press for the two components (alliin and alliinase -Henriette) to be released and combined. this combination forms the allicin which is a very powerful natural antibiotic/antiviral.

I eat garlic on a regular basis myself. Garlic is most effective if eaten raw. I chop up about ½ cup of garlic, add 1 tablesp of apple cider vinegar, let sit for a few hours. cover garlic with oliveoil and eat 1 tablespoon every day. [keep in fridge]. vinegar is used to prevent botulism.

Garlic tea: chop up 1 large glove garlic put in cup, add boiling water, cover let steep for about 1 hour. drink just like that. works great for colds, sinus problems, headaches etc.

Subject: Re: GARLIC antiviral, anticholesterol ???
From: (steve)

Until your digestive tract gets used to the garlic, expect the bowels to loosen a bit. This may take several months. The object is to increase the dosage to two medium sized cloves or a heaping teaspoon a day, or at least every other day. I weigh 200 lbs. so a smaller person may need less.

In one year my blood pressure dropped to 145 over 90 and my cholesterol dropped from 222 to 202. In the second year, I was taking two garlic cloves and my BP dropped to 120 over 78. My cholesterol is now 182 and in the second year I had total freedom to eat what I wanted.

Recently a flu bug swept through our office. My wife, who also is taking garlic, and I completely missed it. This has not happened before. After some thought we realized that in over 2 years we never caught any viral infection. We told our married son, who started taking garlic six months ago. This last winter his whole family got sick, except him.

There are two important questions. Has the cure for the common cold been right under our noses all this time, and how many other diseases can be prevented with a rejuvenated blood system? Hopefully, curiosity by professionals will bring more answers.