Ginkgo research.

Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 23:34:41 MST
From: Michael Moore <hrbmoore.RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: Ginkoba vs. Gingko 1000

>>Has anyone taken these pills? Do they work? And why are they considered to enhance memory?
>I can't answer most of your questions, but the reason gingko allegedly works is that it improves circulation. In so doing, it supposedly improves circulation to the brain and enhances memory in the process. I don't know how much of this is old-wives' tales and how much of it is supportable.

Don't wish to get snippy here (and, in fact, I seldom use Ginkgo preps in my practice) but the comment "I don't know how much of this is old-wives' tales" besides being slanderous to our healing wellsprings, is ill-suited for THIS particular plant/drug...there are probably 30 pounds (single-spaced, two-sided, 16 lb bond) of monographs, clinical studies, and research...a quick check with Medline would probably get you 130 abstracts...Paper Chase 250 abstracts, NAPRALERT 400K of files. It has been researched to death (because there as been FUNDING from European pharmaceutical manufacturers).

There has even been whole BOOKS published just on Ginkgolides (one group of compounds found in Ginkgo biloba...amongst many).

To me, this research is overkill and even serendipitous (many better plant remedies have NOT been studied well in half a century), but there is enough research on Ginkgo to choke a small government.

(and I would be more likely, after all that, to trust an Old Wife's opinion first)

Michael Moore (