Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Hypertension and Herbs
From: kjh.pollux.usc.edu (Kenneth J. Hendrickson)
Date: 13 Mar 1996 19:31:12 -0800

> I wonder if there are herbs besides the common ones: garlic & ginseng that I can take for the rest of my life, which is looking shorter the longer I can't get this hypertension under control.
> Fish oil, calcium, C, E, C10, magnesium don't seem to help.
> Drugs either work so much that quality is severely impaired or don't work at all.
> Yarrow and hawthorne berry tea help a little. Trying hibiscus flowers.

What may be more successful than adding herbs is *removing* food that causes excess insulin release. Try a diet that excludes potatoes, rice, wheat, corn, rye, and sugar in all forms. (This may also help you to lose weight, reduce your chances for heart disease, and lower your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.)

If you want more reasons on why this works and why it *is* healthy, read "Protein Power" by Eades and Eades, and/or "Healthy For Life" by Heller and Heller.

From: otter.mich.com (Oscar Pederson)

>I wonder if there are herbs besides the common ones: garlic &

Have you tried excercise? My B.P. dropped about 30 points when I started excercising regularly...I'm now reducing my hypertension drugs.