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Subject: Re: IS HERBALIFE legit?
From: rhanson.idir.net (A.M.)
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 96 22:14:03 GMT

>: does Herbalife work and is it legitimate or a scam?
>If you feel you have too much money, Herbalife will take care of that problem.

That's for sure!!! My mother-in-law "bought into" the Herbalife hype 10 years ago or so, and after investing HUNDREDS of dollars in pills, powders, aloe juice and other stuff she had not lost one lb. and had just as many health problems as before. I tried it too, for a period of time with no success. She tried to make some money selling to friends but no one came back for seconds when they had no success with it the first time around.

There may be those who are helped by this product, but everyone who I know who has tried it has found it 1) expensive, 2) inconvenient, and 3) ineffective (for the most part). The product is surrounded with so much "hype" - almost a cult-like following I observed -- it is hard to separate the truthful claims from other claims which may be made about the product or the lifestyle surrounding the use or distribution of the product.

A good vitamin supplement and a healthy diet will be just as or more effective, and is a lot cheaper and easier to stick with.

From: richmet.mtco.com (Margaret)

>: does Herbalife work and is it legitimate or a scam?

Years ago when I was living in Virginia Beach an aquaintance of mine tried the plan. She got so sick she nearly had to be hospitalized. It seems that some of the products have a laxative effect. She became dehydrated and everytime she talked to the distributor and tried explain how bad she felt, she was reassured with such words as, "It's just getting rid of all the impurities. Your body will adjust." Thankfully she was smart enough to get off the stuff before it killed her.

Perhaps one can lose weight with the plan but there are safer methods such as counting calories and fat grams. Heck, just eating Lean Cuisine or some other such meals that are balanced and analyzed for nutrients, calories and fat etc. is effective. More exercise, less fat and calories, unless there is a metabolic problem, should work in time. It may take awhile but rapid weight loss is unhealthy and one seldom can maintain the new weight once the unwanted pounds are shed.

Don't waste your money on these powders and pills. There are no effective, healthy, rapid weight loss programs, despite what some may claim. Your health should be your top priority.