Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: Sarah Looney <looneys.mail.utexas.edu>
Date: 01 Feb 1996 04:42:40 GMT
Subject: Re: Medicinal uses of honey?

I've heard that eating a tablespoon a day of LOCAL honey can have the same effects on allergy sufferers as taking shots. Through the daily exposure to the local pollens found in the honey, allergy sufferers can build up a tolerance to the pollen over time. I've never gone to the trouble to try this so I have no idea if it works. I've heard that the same is true for cedar berries and people allergic to cedar...

From: p_iannone.pop.com (Paul Iannone)

:> > I am searching for information and references on possible medicinal uses of honey. Any information you can pass on will be appreciated.
: I've heard honey heated > 140F will then be vulnerable to mold and (?bacteria). Otherwise, if never heated it lasts "forever." If true, something bigtime is going on in it.

Not likely. Honey and sugar are both strongly hydroscopic. They dessicate anything placed on them, and that includes bacteria and mold spores. Heating honey doesn't change that.

From: "Choli R. Lightfoot" <cl3x+.andrew.cmu.edu>

one of the best cold and or cough nmedicines i have ever used is grated onion in honey...you hold it in you mouth for as long as you can...I usually spit the mixture out, but some poeple swallow it. It is also good for dry skin...put it on and keep it on as long as possible and then steam it off. It is also supposed to be good for athlete's foot. Rub it in to the feet and sleep with socks on wash off in the morning.

I have also run across many books that say not to give honey to children under the age of 6 months due to bacteria in the honey.

From: speedylisa.aol.com (SPEEDYLISA)

I have been seeing a holistic nutritional counselor for the last six months, and I had suffered very very bad outdoor allergies all my life. I have just found out that wheat and dairy were the culprit. It turns out that this is extremely common. Once your system is "clogged up" you react to everything as an antagonist. Amazingly, as long as I stick to my diet I have no more hives, sinusitis, sneezing, stuffy noses etc. This past summer was the first summer in almost 20 years that I could open the windows and breathe the summer air. I feel like my life was given back to me. The best way to test is by doing it yourself. Its also very hereditary. Within two weeks you'll feel better if this is it.