Hot flashes.

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 11:16:05 CDT
From: Shirley Bates <shirley.BATESX.CS.HOU.COMPAQ.COM>
Subject: Re: Suggestion & question

> looking for something to help relieve the hot flashes, mostly, since the other stereotypical symptoms of menopause don't seem to be bothering me. But those hot flashes are making me miserable. (Even as I

MM Gypsy,

What I used to do before I found wild yam (no I don't take estrogen, just wild yam tincture, tea or caps..and I know it can't possibly work, but for me it does..and I don't sell anything) I would carry a small battery operated fan with me. I'd even take the fan with me into meetings. Men will only ask once why you are using the fan. Also, make sure to wear 100% cotton as often as you can. The thinner the cotton, the better.

It also helps to change your mind about hot flashes. Instead of thinking of them as something to be tolorated, start thinking of the hot flashes as power surges.