Keynote vs. holistic therapy.

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 10:59:10 +0100
From: Paul Iannone <pi2.LOOP.COM>
Subject: Re: lyme disease

>>The idea that you can keynote for Lyme's disease is laughably dangerous.
>What exactly does "keynote" mean in this context?
>just wondering,

'Keynoting' is the practice of choosing a therapy based on the name of the illness, rather than on the characteristics of the illness in the particular patient. It is, in fact, not different from what conventional medicine *usually* does. It is anti-holistic (does not see the illness in context), and is often 'counter-humoral' (causing further problems because it strengthens pathogenic factors rather than drains them). As regards homeopathic therapy, keynoting can actually disrupt the underlying energetics enough that the case may become incurable. This is like kissing *any* woman at a party. Your wife may not like that one bit.

People are not individual symptoms. Illnesses are not a name. 'Particularization' *rather* than keynoting is the practice of healing.