Lemon grass.

Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 10:02:52 -0700
To: snielsen.orednet.org
From: "Susan L. Nielsen" <snielsen.OREDNET.ORG>
Subject: Re: Lemon grass

> I'm still looking for lemon grass ...

I go to the Asian market where they are selling it fresh this time of year. Choose a few with just a bit of root remaining at the base. The leaves may look quite dry, but often a little shoot is appearing near the roots. Honest, this is all it takes. I usually give them 24 hours in a glass of water before setting them out in the garden. Cut off the dry foliage at the top. They will take right off. I put mine out a week ago, and they have new shoots at the centers already. This plant wants to grow!

From: Margaret Lauterbach <mlaute.MICRON.NET>

> I'm still looking for lemon grass

Start your own lemon grass, Esther. Go to Asian grocery store which carries fresh lemon grass (as opposed to frozen or dried), and stick the stalks in soil. They root easily. Cut back tops when you stick them in soil. Resend snail mail address, and I'll send you garlic chives seeds. Get sweet cicely and whatever it was you were going to plant around your apple tree.

From: "Dee Medley" <mcsmdm.ADMIN.AC.EDU>

I got lucky and found lemon grass without searching at a place called Plot of Herbs here in Augusta last month. They told me to dig it up and separate it every other year, so maybe those Thai restaurants will be more willing to share than we suspect?

From: Ellee Margileth <emargile.UTK.EDU>

>what if you don't have an Asian store around you?

Is there by any chance any Asian restaurants around? If so, you might ask them if they know of a local source.

From: Fran <frich.TENET.EDU>

OK, I just got back from an Asian market where I got 2 bunches of lemon grass for $1 apiece. I'm going to use a couple and plant the rest. So - do I just stick 'em in the ground? Do I trim back the stalks first? How would they do in a container? I have a small clump in the ground, which has been there for several years, but it doesn't seem to like its location to much and besides, the cats love to nibble it!

From: Sam <bweed.CONLINE.COM>

Fran asked about growing lemon grass she got from the market.

I just root in a glass of water, then stick outside in a sunny spot. I've potted some for indoors, but the only one that survived was in a window with southern exposure.

From: Margaret Lauterbach <mlaute.MICRON.NET>

> OK, I just got back from an Asian market where I got 2

I stick them in the ground and cut the tops down to about 5 or 6 inches. A couple of years ago, I was short on time (as now), and stuck the whole bunch in the ground. Some rotted, but several did root.

Culinary herb FAQ: http://www.henriettes-herb.com/faqs/culi-2-19-lemong.html