Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 19:51:06 -0600
From: Jeanelle Ray <jeanray.TENET.EDU>
Subject: Re: feverfew and migraine

I have enjoyed lurking on this list for several weeks. For years I have suffered with migraines and severe headaches. After reading on this list about feverfew, I decided to try it.

The relief from the headache seemed miraculous. I have taken 380 mg, 3 times a day and have had no migraine or headache since I started it over 2 weeks ago. I would usually have a minimum of one or two migraines a week.

From: Bernadette Brumfield <Bernade332.AOL.COM>

Try Vitamin B-12 sublingual every ½ hour until headache subsides. Seems B-complex helps migraines. For my clients sub-lingual B- 12 either stopped the headaches or cut the time in half..

From: Daniele Ellis <DELLIS.EWU.EDU>

I have found that a steady diet of b-complex has helped my migraines and has moderated the length of time they usually last. I take 2-3 500mg tablets daily, with food. These are the "super" B's.

Also, i have noticed that if you suck on a licorice stick (a real stick) the headache doesn't seem to spread as fast.

From: "Peter D. Rowley" <RowleySOMA.AOL.COM>

A lot of people who have 'migraines' or severe headaches actually have the vertebrae in their neck misaligned. If you notice especially that you have headaches upon awakening or after keep your head in one position for long periods (eg. looking down while reading), try getting a chiropractic adjustment. Also you should have neck x-rays to see if you maybe have a degenerative condition like arthritis which can impinge the spinal nerves. I used to work for a chiropractor and saw many 'miracles' with people who had headaches for years and then after getting 2-3 adjustments, the headaches went away.

From: WrymRyder.AOL.COM

I agree with the need of adjustments. Another reason (this I know from personal experiece) can be due to tension in the neck muscles. This apparently constricts the vessels/aterties (can never remember the difference) going into the brain,, or something. So I've heard. The only thing I've found to help, other than a good massage, is to take some kind of anti-inflammatory.


From: "Janet S. Brunner" <wajabrun.WIN.BRIGHT.NET>

I'm hoping someone on the list will have some advice. My son Jacob is 12 years old, and has been having Migraine headaches for the past 6 months. I believe it is more stress related than anything, possibly some allergies also, but have not had him tested yet. He started Zone therapy in August - with super results. His Migraines come about once or twice a month now, but tend to last 1 ½ days.

He is currently taking daily - 100 mg. B2, 380 mg. Feverfew as well as a well rounded multi-mineral supplements. He takes 450 mg. Valerian Root when the Migraine starts. So far this program only touches the surface during the Migraine. Does anyone have any other suggestions for him?

From: Sterling Hart <shhart.BGSM.EDU>


I WAS a long-time sufferer of migraines - about 25 years or so. I tried the allergy testing, with very little success. As a last resort I cut out all dairy products and citrus fruits. You would be amazed at the results! I am also on remedies to clean out my system right now.
But for the last 7 months I've had only one migraine.
As for taking anything once they start - I have no suggetions for you - sorry. In my experience, once those things get a hold of you, it's almost impossible to stop it.
You might want to try altering his diet first...

I know this is not much of a suggestion, but Ihope he gets better.

From: Laura Hundt User <LHundt.AOL.COM>

>My son Jacob is 12 years old, and has been having migrane headaches for the past six months....Does anyone have any other sugestions for him?

I have a few suggestions that may help your son with his migranes....

Migranes are sometimes triggered by low blood sugar, and there are also some foods thought to cause migranes in children. This includes cows milk, egg, chocolate, orange, wheat, chese, tomato, rye, benzoic acid, tarazine, fish, beef, pork, soy, bacon, coffee, yeast, and peanuts. To identify what foods might be a problem check labels on foods scrupulously and keep a reacord of everything your son eats. After a few months you may become aware of which foods might triger his migranes. If you have indeed identified a trigger, avoid the food for at least one month. If the migranes decrease avoid the food for another three months, after which you may try the food in small amounts.

Try inhalants, baths, or massages using essential oil of true melissaor rosemary and sweet majoram.

Try massaging your sons head as if shampooing. place your thumbs underneath the base of the skull on either side of the spinal column. tilt his head back slightly and press upward for two minutes.

Regular aerobic exercise has also been shown to reduse the attack of migranes. Swimming, walking, or running for thirty minutes, three times a week is recomended. Yoga stretches also help ease mental and physical tension that may be causing migranes.

Massage his toes and the area where his toes meet the sole of his foot.

Have him drink 15-20 drops of a tincture made of 10 ml feverfew tincture, 10 ml valarian tincture, and 5 ml lavender tincture in a cup of warm water... repeat at 15 to 60 minute intervals as symptons persist.

Although the plant is extremely bitter eating fresh feverfew leaves can prevent attacks.

At the first sign of an attack massage a little of a mixturemade from 20 drops lavender oil and 10ml sweet almond oil into the nape of neck and temples.

Hope I was of some help.... Laura

From: Peg Doyle <pdoyle.WARREN.MED.HARVARD.EDU>

I have had success by applying pressure to a liver meridian point (liv 4) which is on the top of the foot, between the first and second toe, just past the instep. You might try applying finger pressure to that point on both feet at the first sign of migraine.