Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 08:22:08 -0400
From: Maria Minno <afn10853.AFN.ORG>
Subject: Mononucleosis

>Could someone give me suggestions on what to do for mononucleosis? After two months of going to the doctor I took him to a different one yesterday and it was mono. No wonder he feels like sh*t. It makes me so angry when doctors don't see whats right in front of them. I just wonder if they just kept him coming back so that my insurance money would pay. Anyway, I apologize for my rambling. Any alternative/herbal therapy suggestions would be appreciated. The only good thing about it is he can't have any friends over so I always have a parking space!

My doctor recommended constant bedrest, lots of B vitamins, and lots of fluids.

From: sarah frank <mrf546t.NIC.SMSU.EDU>

> Could someone give me suggestions on what to do for mononucleosis? After

i know that this isn't particularly "herbal," but when i had mono, i had just (within the previous month) become vegan, and i recovered in LESS THAN ONE WEEK. many sources, including my omnivore m.d., suggested that my diet (particularly the non-dairy, high veggie aspects) probably contributed to my quick recovery. that was over 1 ½ years ago. i haven't relapsed, either (regarding both mono and veganism!).

sarah frank

From: Howie Brounstein <howieb.TELEPORT.COM>

> Could someone give me suggestions on what to do for mononucleosis? After

Certainly we must be careful about saying use this for that without taking many things into consideration. Diet, lifestyle, constitution, etc. Plus we need to understand what mono is. A viral infection that effects the spleen and lymphatic system.

one herb of possible use for mono would be Ceanothus, or Red Root. This wonderful herb, rather than being a lymph system stimulant, essentially "cleans the grates" or "changes the filters" of the lymph system by clearing the capillary walls of crap that prevents the flow of fluid from the blood to the cells to the lymph system, and also where the lymph system flows back into the blood. This aids in the flowing of lymphatic fluids. It also helps with spleen stuff.

Another herb would be Lomatium, since it can be helpful in viral infections, and has immunostimulant properties.

If the liver is involved, certainly supporting it with Oregon Grape, Clover, etc. would be appropriate.

PLEASE don't use Goldenseal ..... it's time to switch to Oregon Grape (or goldthread if you have the source).

But don't just mix all this stuff together and take 'em. Educate yourself before running off to the store to buy herbs blindly. Get some good books, many are available on line, like Michael Moore's teaching aids via his home page. Use that "find" button to look up Mononucleosis, and you'll get much more info.