Mugwort for dreams.

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From: (Kumquatmae)
Date: 03 Feb 1996 17:37:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Dream herbs

> Did you take it internally or use it in a dream pillow? I haven't tried either, but I'm curious if the effects would be different.

I put pieces of the fresh herb on my pillow and slept with them. I was on a camping trip with 20 or so others who did the same thing. I asked for a spirit dream and dreamt about the spirit of my car! It was being pulled from a lake and when it got on the dock, it was an old, emaciated man with bruises on his body caused by his own bones. He was wailing, "I hurt, oh, I hurt". When we hiked out the next day, someone had slashed two of my tires.