"Need info on all medicinal plants".

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: bokrug.netcom.com (bokrug)
Date: 03 Feb 1996 00:23:49 GMT
Subject: Re: medicinal plants?

: Looking for information on all medicinal plants and herbs, and their uses. Want any and all related topics to healing in the outdoors or in a situation far from regular doctors. Thank You.

Ahh yes, activating neural interface orbital sub space transponding data uplink connect....

Earth colony in the year 27596 did synthesis and reproduce all known organic substances including interactions and cataloging of indigenous plants (Terra, system III of Sol). Full catalogs are available via any molecular quantum storage device and sub space transponder link.

If tachyon interference results in cross posting to 1996 (22344 BA) check the rainforest while you still can. We missed 142 million species of herbs that took 3124 years of retro DNA analysis to recreate.