Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 22:58:34 -0500
Subject: Osteo-arthritis

> I have osteo-arthritis, especially in my lower back spine. I'm taking an anti-flammatory medicine, but am wondering if there is anything in the way of herbs which I can take for the swollen joint(s), and pain.
> I'm interested in anyone who has this, and what they are taking and what kind of relief they are getting.

I have found through personal experience that changing my diet to one that is low in fat, lots of grains and veggies, with occasional meats, and beginning a program of exercise has helped me greatly. The
exercise started by only stretching the muscles, and when strengthened (weeks later) very light weights were added and or pieces of rubber were used to offer resistance. I also drank a little chamomile tea. I went from 35% mobility in my neck to 100% mobility. I have Osteo-arthritis in my upper neck and was told by my MD that it would only get worse and that I should protect my neck, because I was very young for this (31 at the time) and with the spurs between my upper vertebras I could be in for serious problems as I age or if I had an accident.

I discontinued all anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers offered by my MD when I began my program, which was when I figured out that he wasn't going to help me get better, just medicate me. I knew I had tofigure it out for myself, I couldn't live the inactive life he wanted me to. I still have occasional pain, but know how to control it, with exercise and massage. I work full time now, and am a mother of 4, living a full life again, it is wonderful. I wish you all a lot of luck with this, it was slow, but you can improve.