Pineapple sage.

Newsgroup: rec.gardens,alt.folklore.herbs,
From: (Marie Martinek)
Date: 22 Jan 1996 20:01:14 GMT
Subject: Re: Culinary herb FAQ (v.1.05) Part 1/4

I have something that was labeled "Fruit Sage" and a "Pineapple Sage". I don't remember if it was Salvia or Artemesia (the darn little plastic wedges always break apart!) (It's a Salvia - Henriette) I snip off leaves, dry them, and make sage tea with about 1 part crumbled sage leaves to 3 parts black tea. They're "tender perennials", so here in Chicago area I keep them in pots which I sink into my garden, yank up just before frost (disentangling the groping runners), knock out of the pot and root-prune before cutting most of it down and setting it in a sunny window to survive the winter. It also produces wonderfully-smelling red flowers, which I also dry for tea (if I don't just suck the nectar out and eat it!)