Red eyes.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: Graham Sorenson <>
Date: 07 Feb 1996 12:12:27
Subject: Re: RED EYES.

>>Hey, my eyes are always red looking. I saw my primary M.D. & asked him to refer me to see a eye doctor. He didn't think it was that serious for him to make a refferal. I eat a lot of carrots & that of cause does nothing. To relieve the redness I use visine etc but that's just a temporary relieve.
I do not wear contact lens either, I use very little eye make up. I even stopped that to see if my eyes looked less red. So I think not that Iam allergic to eye make up. Does anyone out there have any remedies for nice clear eyes?
> Wet tea bags work...honest!

Make a chamomile tea infusion, Drink the Tea, let the tea bags cool ( in fridge if you want it quickly) lie down, place cool chamomile teabags on eyes and relax.

Drinking the tea will not help the eyes but waste not.... :-)