Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: tnkrbelle0.aol.com (Tnkrbelle0)
Date: 19 Feb 1996 17:58:49 -0500
Subject: Re: herbal replacement for ritalin?

> My son has been on ritalin too long, are there any herbal treatments currantly being used for attention deficit disorder?

On the recommendation of my son's pathologist who also resisted the drug therapy she saw the school administration try to subject our children to, I read "Is This Your Child". It's an excellent book which describes many behaviors that can be corrected by attention to food allergies. I know MANY people that initially think this is crazy. One of them was the mother of a boy in my eldest son's Boy Scout Troop. I believed he was suffering from Torrent's Syndrome and she was shocked and dismayed. She took her son for testing, and indeed her doctor after having read the book, recommended drug free therapy. Happy to announce that the boy now has friends his own age and getting along fine, however he'll never be able to eat chocolate or cocoa products again. My middle son's behavior improves drastically when he is kept away from corn syrup. A farmer friend says it is 100 times more potent than sugar. Which leads one to wonder if perhaps parents should monitor corn syrup rather than sugar in children. It's in everything just for your info...hot dogs, catsup, white bread, maply syrup. Sounds like an ordinary kids favorite food list. Also having him drink tea made from Lemon Grass and Red Clover helps since we can't totally eradicate corn syrup from his diet.