Smelly feet.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
From: (Eric Dorman)
Date: 18 Feb 1996 00:15:26 GMT
Subject: Re: Stinky Feet/Shoes.. help

> Is there a homeopathic type of help for people with smelly feet/shoes?
> I've tried Dr Schole's stuff as well talc and baking soda... no or not much help...

Zinc will get rid of all kinds of body odor.

From: Jim Mulcahy <>

My college kid came home for the summer with stinky feet. We mixed tea tree oil with aloe vera gel and applied it after he soaked his feet in hot water with baking soda. It only took a few treatments before the odor was gone and stayed gone. We never were able to rehabilitate some of his shoes.

From: (ElizPer)

I make up a powder for my husband. The base is baking soda and cosmetic-grade clay. I put it into the food processer and add Sage Leaf, Tea Tree Oil, Jewel Weed Tincture, Liquid Chlorophyl and Rosemary Essential Oil. I add the liquids slowly, as the processer is running slowly. It may be slightly damp when finished, so I put it onto a cookie sheet and let it dry. Then, return it to the processor to powder again. It works good, with regular application, and with some of the other good ideas already mentioned. My food processor and cookie sheets never have stinky feet, either :-)