Soapwort for washing.

Subject: Shampoo
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 12:57:37 EST

I use soapwort for shampooing my hair. It really does a nice job and doesn't leave a film and is not hard on your hair like "real" soaps are. I also use it for washing all my silks. It is so mild and really gets them clean.

If you want a natural setting "gel", the aloe plant or the sap from hens&chicks does a good job.

From: Laura Michaels <>

>-I use soapwort for shampooing my hair. It really does a

Would love to hear more about your experiences with soapwort and how you use it. Bought seeds for it before I moved and am trying to start it from seed now, assuming the seeds didn't all die in the move.


>-I use soapwort for shampooing my hair.

Is this bouncing bet or yucca root, which soapwort are you talking about?


Hi Mettasong--

You know, I don't have a yucca plant on the place...I guess I should...but I fell into some at my grandmothers' house when I was little and those buggers are not child freindly.

In reference to the soapwort I use..I just grow Saponaria officinalis. The plant has lovely little pink flowers and smells so is a perennial here in south central PA USA. You can get suds from any part of the plant...But the most I have found from the root. Dry and pulverize it. The leaves don't give a lot of suds either. The flowers are so softly fragrant but don't really keep much frarance after they are dried. Is this the "bouncing bet"? I have heard of that name, but have no idea what it truely is.

Which one do you use? I have never tried the Yucca...would it also be the roots?...I don't remember what I had read. What do you use for a rinse? I just use lemon peel and vinegar with water. I haven't found a succulent gel that i like...Have you found one?


> I just grow Saponaria officinalis.

Thats the same one, its called bouncing bet, and here in Jersey on the road sides and in the edge of the woods. I have it growing wild but not in my herb garden, maybe I should transplant some of it. I've tried the roots, just to see if it suds and it does a great job.