Abrasive posting style.

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 12:18:37 MST
From: Michael Moore <hrbmoore.RT66.COM>
Subject: Re: This algae stuff

you/he/they/us/it wrote:
>>: Dear Dara,
>>: research I did many years ago stated that Spirulina (algae) or


>>Research? What research was that, Paula? That is the most ridiculous piece of entrepreneurial garbage to hit my mailbox yet. You have been lied to, and now you are doubling the error.
>>--Paul || p_iannone.pop.com


>Pay no attention to this jerk. If you are using an e-mail program that can set up filters, I suggest you make a filter to put this guys rantings directly to the trash...[Bob]

Oh God...here we go again...
For me, this whole thing is that fustian debate 'twixt STYLE over CONTENT.

I, for one, generally agree with the CONTENT of what Paul says...sometimes the postings on these several groups can be innocent, wide-eyed, self-serving, and New-Age pedantic (say that five times, quickly)

His STYLE, however, can be a cross between the rude utterings of a sophomore psych student who thinks he KNOWS everything, and an Albanian village Troll-Sprite that curdles milk and makes the billy goats all crosseyed, so that they keep charging the corners of yurts until one side caves in...

Most of the time that Paul posts his objections I cringe and wished his mommy taught him to be polite to strangers. I used to think that he simply flamed the "weaker" to feel strong and omnipotent; now I realize he simply can't abide his version of fools.

Generally, "Not Abiding Fools" is done because "Life is Short"

So why take the time to post abrasive objections at all?

Besides...I get tired of the self-examination and inner-turmoil induced by someone who SAYS what I think, but DOES it rudely. Rudeness is no more "honest" than polite disagreement, and it is mentally lazy.

(Don't mind me...the fourth one of every month is "Uppity Friday" for Capricorns)

Michael Moore (hrbmoore.rt66.com)