Sweet things: fruit vs. sugar.

Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 18:02:04 GMT
From: Paul Iannone <pi.DIGITALPOPCORN.COM>
Subject: Re: Diet

> >A couple of notes from Chinese healing:
> >Most overweight people should not eat fruit or fruit juice, and they should at least avoid any desserts (even if they have sweets between meals). Mild cane sugar sweets with a grain component (cookies) are better than fruit-sweetened anything, from the standpoint of maintaining digestive balance.
> ??Why??

Sugar cane is considered a healing food in many cultures. Sugar, in small amounts, is a Warm, nourishing food. Fruit sweeteners, by contrast, are Cooling, and the products that contain them are for some reason MUCH harder to digest. Fruit can be observed to imbalance both appetite and digestive harmony, and this carries over to the sweetener syrups.

Honey, btw, is Warm as well, and some tolerate it just fine. Personally, on my campaign to restore the Yang to the Yin of the health food industry, I recommend that people simply experiment with sugar (provided they have no specific sensitivity) and fruit sweeteners to see for themselves. My clients have done that experiment, and their reports are uniform (and a real eye-opener to them!).

From: Paul Iannone <pi.DIGITALPOPCORN.COM>

>> I recommend that people simply experiment with sugar
> How does one experiment? I'd like to try.

Couldn't be more simple. Assuming you are someone without severe digestive symptoms, you can simply eat a couple of fruit-sweetened cookies one afternoon between meals, and see how you feel afterwards and the next day. Then a few days later, try that with a 'regular' cookie. Make sure you don't pick a cookie that your mouth tells you is TOO sweet! You should never eat anything which tastes too sweet. THAT is poison.