Tobacco addiction.

Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 22:16:17 -0600
From: Tami Karnes <nature.SEDONA.NET>
Subject: Re: Nicotine addiction

>Many people come to me with high grade tobacco addiction. Any suggestions.

Hi Sam!
I have had a great deal of success in treating tobacco additction by combining (2) forms of herbal therapies. First of all, an all herbal smoking mixture used to slowly replace the cigarettes has been well received in that it helps the person deal with the "hand to mouth" part of the addiction while also helping the lungs to recover from the damage caused by smoking commercial cigarettes. Secondly, an herbal combination that can be prepared in capsules or in a standard tincture form with the following ingredients:
Ma Huang
Comfrey Root
Wild Cherry Bark

This formula is warm and decongesting; good for colds, flu, allergies, asthma and upper respiratory problems. It is excellent to help offset the harmful effect of smoking on the lungs.

By combining these two forms of treatment at the same time, I have found that those who really want to quit smoking can wean themselves away from the nicotine and help heal the lungs at the same time.

Hope this information helps!

PS: I'm almost 6 years off cigarettes, myself!

From: Paul Iannone <pi.DIGITALPOPCORN.COM>

> how can I kick a NICOTINE ADDICTION?
> I have seen in vitamin/herb magazines a pill that is supposed to help someone when they are trying to quit smoking. [snip]

What are the concerns involved? What is the energetic picture?


1) Heat the Lung
2) Dries the Lung
3) Tars up the Lung
4) Causes chronic stagnation while relieving it temporarily.

Any therapy hoping to aid tobacco withdrawal will have to address these concerns. Primary among them is (4). Tobacco dependency is just like alcoholism or any positive feedback cycle that requires you to get your fix while it pulls you down into deeper and deeper health imbalance. Something in those habits sustains the user, and that has to be substituted for.

However, ephedra is a poor pick to destagnate Lungs, since you shouldn't forget 1-3, all of which will be dramatically exacerbated by its use.

Cooling, moisturizing herbs, combined with Cool herbs that circulate Lung Qi will be the appropriate therapy in most cases.

From: Mary Jo Gilsdorf <viomist.CASTLE.NET>

I too have had trouble kicking the habit and in my research and recent attempts have found that skullcap as well as lobelia (which I drink as a tea) to be very helpful.. The most helpful thing is commitment - I think this is where I fall short during last attempts. Also found a spot of chamomile or catnip tea just before bed made it easier to fall asleep those first couple days when the body is most irritable.

Would love to hear other suggestions as I plan to try again on the New Moon in June. ANd if you would like a "buddy" to commisserate and to provide mutual support when we go for it, drop a line.

From: Ron Funke <Rrfunke.AOL.COM>

I can't be a buddy and commisserate in a mutual way about the trials of quiting smoking.

But I can and will be a buddy and say that ALL OF TRIALS that you are going through are worth all of the Blood, Sweat, & Tears. I smoked one of the "heavies " for almost twenty years and finally kicked them nine years ago. It was the SINGLE best thing that I have done in my life.

If you can get though the next ten minutes, and then the next ten minutes . . . . . . .